Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Skippers Log September 16-24 Leaving Chicago Arriving Alton Illinois

It has been a week with very little Internet so posting the blog has been impossible.  So, to summarise the last few days we have been averaging about 50 miles per day at about 7 knots (1 knot = 1.85 km). We had the current running with us between 0.5 to 1 knot. All is well in the Blue View World. I have been using the Autohelm and even managed to do a few chores while cruising, such as fixing the Autohelm remote (yes Mike it's now fixed), mounted the flag pole and of course keep a watchful eye . We met a few barges and those barge Captains have been amazing. They help when we meet or pass, a new experience for us.  Once in the Mississippi River we have been told they are enormous. 

Spot little old Bliss II bottom right corner 

 Not all fun & games Chores still have to be done!
 Am I ever impressed with the Alton Marina Illinois.  A great facility everything you need; fuel, oil, snacks and a floating pool, yes you read that right.  Not only is the pool floating but the entire facility, buildings as well. Everything is attached to these 30 foot anchor post. If the water level rises or lowers the facility does too. Wow great system.  We entered the Mississippi River yesterday and decided to stay in Alton for a few days to catch up with the blog and  blue jobs (oil change, top up batteries and  re-organizing some lockers.   We will be starting down the Mississippi River soon.  More to follow........ 

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