Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Land Lubbers With A Sailing Addiction

I can remember being banded to my room after some bout of my bad behaviour, lying on the bed and daydreaming about running away to a cabin that I built deep in the woods where no one was ever going to be able to find me. As I got older my dreams never changed, there was always a cabin, of course those dreams evolved to include a husband maybe a kid or three and now my dreams include grandchildren, friends and family I can’t live without. 

So, drum roll while we are home, we have bought a plot of land on West Bay, Manitoulin Island, North Channel, Lake Huron, Ontario. I feel totally blessed. I sat on the shore looking across to the LaCloche Mountains and cried, not some silent, respectful teary moment, I had a full-out, blow out completely grateful, God loving waterfall of emotion. I am home. 

Our View Of The Cup & Saucer Trail

So Excited, So Much To Do
Legally, We Asumed The Property 13 August 2014 But We Have Been Squatters For About Two Weeks 

Really This Is Wrong, Marc Is Doing The Work With The Chain Saw, I'm Just Holding It For Him

A little Piece Cleared

The First Person We Wanted To Share With

Grandpapa Is A Slave Driver Clearing Rocks Already

Grandmama's & Olives First Project

Grandpapa & His Princess

Ashlee Is Just As Excited As Us

My Men

Mom Love

Wouldn't Want To Share This With Anyone Else

Without Friends To Share With, You Just Have Nothing

Miss Susie

Mr Mike 

Thank Goodness For Thoughtful Friends And Impromptu Celebrations