Saturday, August 8, 2015

Marc Calls The Bunkie Rough, I Call It Rustic

When DevOcean was safely tucked away in Jacksonville Florida this spring and Marc and I were enjoying the drive home, we spent countless hours planning the building of the bunkie, developing time lines, estimating costs. These exercises whiled away the hours and built excitement for our project. Silly me, I had us built, beautiful and dreaming of hours spent playing with Olive in the water, cold beer on hot afternoons, bonfires and s’mores.

Reminiscent of the planning for our retreat to the boat, we quickly learned that we were just as optimistic about the bunkie as we were about moving to the boat.  We are definitely, way off the mark in money and in time. 

As always Marc being the more realistic of the two of us, he just wanted to get the shell built. Geesh this is not a house, its just a bunkie, two rooms; one up, one down. 417 square feet give or take. We had hoped for the shell to be completed and us moved in to a basic space with in one month, but here it is two months later and with work (Whats with that? My retired husband working!) and family commitments the roof is not completed and there are still many basics to do. Marc calls the bunkie rough.

As for me, I of course spent hours pondering colours, dreaming of quaint corners, scouring small living blogs. Our entire living space is slightly bigger, 80 square feet, than the family room in the  home we sold to go sailing. Alas, my tiny kitchen has 2 x 4 cupboards, any kind of beautification that I thought was to happen will wait until next year,  maybe…(the reason for my husband working) I call the bunkie rustic.

So what do I want you to get from this blog? We are happy. Plain and simple. Everyday we are  happy to spend time here. We are still optimistically hoping to be in on the 20th of August but don’t hold your breath because Marc and I won’t.