The Crew

Welcome to the Pink ‘n Blue View. We are Marc & Linda Faubert the crew behind DevOcean. We are setting sail in September 2013 to adventures south from Little Current Manitoulin Island Ontario Canada to the Caribbean Sea. We are hoping that our Blog keeps friends & family informed and amused by our ramblings. Alleviates their worries & wonders about where we are and what we are doing. Hopefully the Blog will also interest others who are exploring a life of cruising. We plan ( & I use that l word loosely) to post from two opinions. Marc’s Skipper’s log & Linda’s Wenches Diary. So come along & join our journey. 

The Skipper: Let me introduce you to Skipper Marc. Marc is the youngest of two boys raised in a French Canadian family from Quebec Canada. Marc’s father would often pile the boys into his car to search out marinas and sail boats. Though Marc’s father never owned a boat he planted the seed. When Marc turned 19 he took his adventurous spirit and joined the Canadian Navy. While in the Navy Marc’s passion for travel grew. His sailing travels took him from his home port of Halifax Nova Scotia north as far as the Arctic Circle south past the equator to Venezuela, and  west to the Mediterranean.  As an underwater weapons technician and navy diver/rescue swimmer he honed his seaman ship skills. After five amazing years on board Marc remustered to the Army where he continued his travel bug discovering Europe. During a four year posting to Lahr Germany where he traded his fins for ski’s he had the opportunity to visit many interesting countries.  Alas all good thing have to end after a full career with the military Marc moved on to become a Transportation Safety Manager, he married the love of his life (me) and it has been smooth sailing ever since. 

Marc’s Passions are: Travel, Sailing, Skiing, Diving, Laughing & Me . 

Marc’s Goal: Is to spend our hard earned savings before he dies and enjoy each and every moment doing it. 

The Galley Wench: Let me introduce you to wench Linda. Coming from a transient family Linda has learned to adapt to new and changing situations with passion and optimism. Linda joined the Canadian Military as a young woman and quickly caught the travel bug. She has traveled from Eastern to Western Canada, Norway to the Persian Gulf when finally I said “come sail away with me.” We have been exploring life together ever since.
Linda wasn’t a sailor. She was a woman game for a new adventure so I gave her one. 

Linda’s Passions: Kids, Grandkids, Cooking, Swimming, Running, Reading, Writing, Gardening & Even Sailing.

Linda’s Goal: Meeting each new day and experience with enthusiasm. 


  1. only on Cockburn island! good luck and safe travels. still jealous, but my sister in law is looking to get married next year on one of the islands. I`ll keep track so if I need a quick escape I know where to stow away


    1. Well you never know. Always room for family and friends.

    2. Allo

      très beau site. Lâchez-pas.

      Je transmets message à ta mère.

      A plus Mona

    3. You are very adventurous and am thrilled for you. Of course, I love the photo at the bus stop. Nice to be able to follow you on your journey. Enjoy each and every day.

      Diane :)

  2. I am already loving it !!! Your blog as you guys are awesome !!!
    Vivi and Robert from SV Honeymoon Forever

  3. Hi Virginia and Robert It makes me happy to know that you guys checked out the blog. We are having a great adventure and you guys have made it all the better. Our time together has been great!

  4. I have nominated your website for a Liebster award.
    It is pretty strait forward really but is an easy blog to write and should get your own blog more widely noticed.
    I found I got quiet a few hits from other websites I did not know was out there.
    It should also create links to your website which is always good for rankings.
    If you do not want to participate or have already been nominated just let me know so I can add someone else.
    Full details are on my latest blog which can be found here.

    Mark and Angelina
    Cygnus III

  5. What a wonderful life and great journey you have embarked on. I hope you have smooth sailing and great weather ahead of you.


    1. Thank you for the great comment. This year will be the Bahamas and Élutheras. More blogs to come.

      Marc. The Blue View.