Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Leaving Lake Michigan, Entering The Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal

As we passed through Navy Pier we entered the Chicago lock. This lock was constructed to prevent the Chicago river from draining into Lake Michigan as well as to prevent rising water on Lake Michigan from raising the level of the river. The name the Chicago sanitary canal means just what the name implies. Put another way, Chicago’s waste won’t pollute Lake Michigan it flows south as treated sewage contributing to the pollution in the Illinois River, Mississippi & Gulf of Mexico, the canal connects Chicago with the inland rivers allowing ship traffic to go south.  (Skipper Bob Pubs)
Navy Pier 

Boating through the heart of Chicago was exciting and the architecture wonderful

Marina City or the CornCob Towers were so unique. We took pictures from the bus when we were doing a city tour, then when we went bye the base on the boat. Look carefully, residence live in and can park their cars and boats in these twin buildings. 

After leaving the Chicago city area we entered the Sanitary Canal. As awful as the name sounds, the heavy growth and the work the canal would have taken to be built was mind blowing, this canal took 38 years to compete  

Look under the sign at the turkey buzzard (I think) 
If the emergency response doesn't get to you on time the buzzard will

I have no idea what this was but I am guessing salt or calcium? It just looked cool

I was pretty worried about the fish barrier as I had heard so many stories, but really is was no big deal, other than what is does is great! It is attempting to stop the Asian Carp from entering the great lakes. Seeing the carp for the first time was startling. Now I have learned that I really don’t like them. Sadly, they have found DNA traces of the Asian Carp in the great lakes. Sadder still is the fact that the carp were introduced into the water system 
There have been many duck blinds in all shapes and sizes along the way

Much of the root system's protection has been washed away by floods yet the trees flourish

In the Marseilles lock, the first point in the Illinois River to the Mississippi River, we had a six hour wait to enter the lock due to barge traffic. As per the lock master,  we were directed to anchor about 200 yards from the lock. The barges were carrying dangerous goods so pleasure craft were, not allowed to lock with them. On other occasions we were tied to barges and locked together. We found lock masters and barge captains, friendly, helpful and  professional  

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