Sunday, November 29, 2015

All Things Happen For A Reason

November 21
Im sitting in the bunkie this morning wondering how I want to write this post. Ironically, when I opened my pages program, there was still a copy of the last post I wrote. I had emphatically stated “First let me tell you nothing is wrong, no one is sick, and nothing is forcing us to take this route.” And, it was true, then, it’s not now.
Last year, my strong healthy husband had some indigestion and tightness in his chest, the result was that he had to have two stents to correct two 90% blockages in his heart. No high cholesterol, no high blood pressure, he’s not over weight and that crappy smoking habit he once had is long gone. It seemed the cardiac care team were surprised that this even happened. 
 After the surgery, we trotted off to the Bahamas, Marc built the bunkie, spent the summer working full time. Everything seemed good except there was still some tightness, come on this guy was carrying 5/8” sheets of press wood up ladders.
Thank goodness for persistent friends, and a cardiologist sailing friend, that hooked Marc up with a surgeon. So last week in Marc goes for an angiogram. When they wheel him out about 45 minutes later, I am excited thinking thats fast, it must have gone well. No, One of the stents put in last year is blocking and there are three new blockages. It seems that this is genetic, or so they surmise. 
When given a choice Marc opts to wait a couple weeks for the triple bypass surgery, I think to wrap his head around it, I text my oldest friends to wallow in my pitty pot, and we run to camp to think and read and reflect.
Like I said before everything happens for a reason and now we know what our reason to stay was. 
I know that bypass surgery is very common place these days, he is young, healthy and there is virtually little risk (10%) but, hey this is my best friend, any risk is just to much. 

So in the next couple weeks Marc is  going to have his surgery, he’s going to mend and become better than before. Fingers crossed, we will be sailing DevOcean this time next year, enjoying fair winds and following seas, blogging about sailing and wondering why we were so worried.