Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Blue Hole Old Robinson's Bight Little Harbor Abaco

I know I don't blog often, as I'm a man of few words. They say one picture is worth a 1000 words, I'm not sure how may words per video. This Blue hole is in Old Robinson's Bight near Little Harbor Abaco, during high tide you can access this interesting area. A blue hole is actually a large sinkhole that extends underground and is connected to the ocean. It is said that they provide submerged cave passages. This blue hole displays a plaque commemorating three divers who drowned while cave exploring.  You need to be careful during an Ebb tide as the marsh is draining and can make resurfacing against the current difficult. 

These Lion Fish are an invading species that have no natural predetor due to their poisonous fins. They have been described as "one of the most aggressively invasive species on the planet"  They feed on all other fish affecting the natural balance of the coral reef ecosystems. Bonus though we hear the meat is actually very good, but you need to be careful cleaning them.