Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 2015 Eleuthera Bahamas

 You know when you were a kid on summer vacation and in the beginning you would nag your mother with “I’m bored” or “I have nothing to do” then just when things started to get really good and you wished summer could go on forever, it was over, it is sort of the way I’m feeling about the island of Eleuthera. Not that we haven’t had an excellent winter in the islands, we have loved every minuter, its that Marc and I had such a great time in Eleuthera and there are so many more lazy, crazy fun filled days we wish we could do here. 
People just make a stop, and exploring Eleuthera with Ann of Crazy Lady has been well, crazy fun, and Joyce and Rick of Outrageous have been full of stories and knowledge that would make the Autobahn Society blush. We packed so much in and there are still things I wish we could have done. 
Quick Eleuthera info: The Island is about 110 miles long, 2.5 miles wide at the widest point, and about 11,000 people live here. They call them selves the friendly Island. This was by far the most touristy Island we have explored in the Islands, but the stops we made were far from the money grabs you would have experienced at home. 

O Dark Early Picking Up The Car Rental

We snorkelled Light House beach At East End Point

I Just loved this little crab

Crazy Lady

What A View

The Sailing Vessel Outrageous Rick & Joyce


We visited Cape Eleuthera Institute which I have to say was pretty darn cool. Ok, from a lay person its this really neat research facility and school doing really interesting stuff and they are making new discoveries everyday while educating youth, ok forget it just go to … “The Cape Eleuthera Institute is a facility that promotes a connection between people and the environment.” 
The young scientists and PHD students will stop their work and enthusiastically share there knowledge.  

Found between 500 & 1700 feet deep 

This young lady has identified three new species 

The thing that interested me the most was that this large campus was eco-friendly and food sustainable.

Boiling Hole is one of the many Blue holes found in Eleuthera formed when the island limestone it connects to an offshore hole 1/4 mile through a network of underground caves as the name sugjuests the hole churns and bubbles with the oceans tides. 

Spider Cave! Yes we have been cave exploring

Spidder web 

 Roots in Cave