Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Milwaukee Wisconsin USA


Marc and I took our time leaving the beautiful port of Washington and headed out to Milwaukee. This was the first real day that we could do any good sailing so we just had a lovely day enjoying the sun and the wind.  

Milwaukee is the second largest city on Lake Michigan and the marina was huge. From where we were docked to Bliss II it took me 15 minutes to walk to them at a brisk pace. 

At first I was like what the? I guess she likes gardening better than boating. Makes you wonder what he got in the settlement. 

The plan was to visit the miller brewing company and try the “Safe House” a James Bond restaurant but the marina is quite far from the actual city. So we had a great meal at the Harbor House with Heather & Doug. Blind river peeps of Daves in Milwaukee, go figure!

I keep taking all these nighttime pictures in the harbors because they really are beautiful at night and extremely quiet. My camera just isn’t cooperating. I would never have thought I would enjoy this as I’m not a dock person. But I am. 

Milwaukee Art Museum Nighttime. Amazing building

Milwaukee Art Museum Daytime The wings open for an hour at noon

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