Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Marsh Harbor Junkanoo WooWhoo

We had never experienced a Junkanoo or even knew of a Junkanoo before New Years Eve 2017 in Old Bahamas Bay, It was truly an awesome time and we instantly knew we wanted more. So when we were route planning our cruising of the Abacos, the Marsh Harbor Junkanoo Festival was at the top of our list. The fact that we gathered with the crews of Fracas and Last Mango in Marsh Harbor to enjoy the festival was an added bonus.

The Junkanoo is a colorful street parade filled with music, dancing and fun. There are many different stories for the origins of the Junkanoo, but really does anybody need a reason to party in the Bahamas? As odd as it sounds, it reminded me of Daniel playing in Drum Corp, because you could see the similar passion, time and energy of dedicated men, women and children to the Junkanoo. Musicians who have perfected the rhythms they'll perform, dancers, full of boundless energy, gyrating to the beat of the music, everyone wearing colorful imaginative costumes. You just couldn’t help moving to the rhythm, getting swept up in the atmosphere. 
I have no idea how many people attended but there were allot and just as many children as adults, all playing and running around with the freedom we would have experienced at home 50 years ago. I chatted with Rose, who introduced me to her three grandchildren. Mary Lynn and Karen befriended seven year old Marilyn who charmed us all. The Young women who were dressed to impressed, was not lost on the young men out girl watching. Though there were fellow cruisers at the Junkanoo, this was not a cruisers event, this was clearly a local event, attended by the locals for locals. Sometimes you just have to step outside your comfort zone, bow to peer pressure and say hi to people, get them to take a picture or two and share a seat. 

Night, Night

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