Saturday, March 4, 2017

Water Collection?

People can't survive without water. What do you do If you're a cruiser on a vessel with limited space for water storage and/or a water maker? Not mentioning the cost! We don't have a water maker, but we carrying 60 gallons in two bladders  plus two jerrycans, then one bladder started a small leak. In the Abaco water can be costly at $0.27 to $0.38 per gallon. So a long discussed water collection job, that was on the should do list, became a must do.  Here is what I did. As you can see in the pictures, we already had converted our old sail into a sun cover. I inserted a hose in the center grommet that we used to lift the cover with the hillier. With a few modifications I can still raise the cover, or lower it, if it's raining. The hose can reach the main water tank or the now hopefully fixed bladder sitting on the top deck. We are now waiting for a good shower and see if my setup works.  

What did or would you do? Please share your ideas and pictures.

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