Saturday, February 25, 2017

Beth of the Sailing Vessel Shipp Mates I Stole Your Glasses

When Marc was living in Germany in the 80’s he bought a pair of Serrengetti sunglasses, they finally bit the dust in 2014. Admittedly they still looked pristine, hardly scratched considering he wore them constantly, the arm rusted off with exposure to the salt water. Marc is really conscientious of his belongings. I on the other hand, am really hard on glasses and watches. Thank goodness I have no need for a watch anymore, sunglasses thats a whole different story. I can never find a pair I like and they are so darn expensive. I occasionally steal a pair from Ashlee, but lately when I visit I don’t find them as accessible, I think she’s taken to locking them up. I should have bought some before leaving the land of plenty, but now I can’t bring myself to paying top dollar for dollar store glasses when I know I am kryptonite to sunglasses. So I have a pair I struggle with, that have so many scratches looking through the lens is like a sunscreen haze I cant get rid of. Marc often chastises and can recount my different glasses faux pas, every marriage has to have that one thing.   

In Marsh Harbor, we were getting a propane tank filled, that was to be picked up at 12:00, so we were out running around like crazy people, grabbing last minute supplies with the intention of being back on DevOcean at 12:15, getting the heck out of the harbor, sails up and on the hook in Elbow key as soon as possible. Shopping list; clothes pins, dingy gas and zinc, flipper straps. Essentials, when I spotted an ice cream parlor 11:45. I know we had a plan, but I can’t pass an ice cream parlor period. (BTW Tahiti beach, Elbow Cay has the best ice cream hands down in the Abaco, So far…) When we went into the parlor, a sailing couple we had waved at in passing many times over the past few weeks introduced themselves. Beth & George Shipp of the S/V Shipp Mates Whitby Municipal Marina. Anyway, we grabbed ice creams and joined them for awhile, while we enjoyed and talked tales. So, were does this all fall into place? I put my reading glasses on the table, and when we rushed to leave after our chat I put my reading glasses into my pocket 12:20 . As we had overshot our timeline to raise the anchor, we mindlessly put things away. 

Fast forward two hours later sailing on route to Elbow Cay I went to grab my glasses for a read and much to my annoyance couldn’t find them. There was no way I was going to once again confess my lack of responsibility to Marc when it came to my glasses. I  do have a pair of sunglasses with readers though so grabbed them hoping to put off the glasses conversation as long as possible. But, these weren’t them. They were scratch free, polarised sun glasses and they fit me perfectly!

So to the friendly Beth of the sailing Vessel Shipp Mates I stole your glasses…I will try not to scratch them until we meet again….Marc says he feels sorry for the nice glasses. 

In case you can't remember what the culprit looked like 

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