Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hello All & A Very Merry Christmas From DevOcvean

Hello All & A Very Merry Christmas From DevOcvean

Just a quick note to catch up and wish everyone a Merry Christmas before the season passes us. It is so hard to believe that it is the 19 of December.  For much of December we have been aware of the season through the boat parades, lights & music but have felt detached not experiencing the snow (yes I miss it) the hurriedness of preparing, bullying Ashlee to bake with me, visits with family and friends.  The traditions of The Living Nativity at All Nations Church, kids, food & charades Christmas Eve, and of course celebrating Christ the reason for the season.

Now as we sit in Marathon Florida waiting for a crossing the day looms. As you know we have been rushing to reach Cuba to meet Kevin, Paula & the boys but now we sit 98 miles away and mother nature just doesn’t want to cooperate for the last leg. Really we shouldn’t complain as she has been very good to us this whole adventure. We arrived in Marathon 17 Dec and have been waiting for the winds to turn to anything but east so we can leave. It now looks to be around a Monday the 23rd departure. Tuesday arrival. Kevin & Paula gone. I will let you know how it goes. Enough heavy stuff. 

The trip through the Florida panhandle & big bend was beautiful. We have enjoyed the anchorages wether they were in a nature reserve/state park or residential canals/bays surrounded by beautiful homes. The sunsets breath taking. The sunrises welcomed. We have enjoyed 100s of playful dolphins. Spied a manatee once and now are on vigilant watch for another. Love watching the pelican’s feed ( affectionately known on our boat as the Florida Air Force). Birds, birds, and more birds. Marc also thinks he has spotted a green turtle but he wasn’t sure. We have enjoyed watching coast guard training exercises near School Key & and an exciting sheriffs chase of a vessel near Cape Haze. Very Miami Vice. It was to late for me to pop in some Phil Collins before it was over. 

Why did the roster cross the road? Because the chicken was on the other side 

Another treat for the past week is that Barb has been with us catching a ride to Cuba. We have had a great time hearing tails of cruising and adventures past. Marc has found another woman to torture him at games. As we woke the second day he said “my ears are sore, man can you guys talk!”  

Marc & I are excited about our first days in Cuba. Exploring the land & the culture. I have my trusty camera at the ready. We plan on some time at Verradaro then circumventing the island. When that will be we don’t know. Next month or the month after we don’t know. From now on where the wind takes us we will go. 

So Christmas? Wether we are here or in Cuba my plan is to go to a local Church service & give thanks both for the birth of our Savior and for the blessing we have been given. I have hidden a little Christmas cake and cranberry sauce on board, will search for fresh chicken. I’m sure Marc will spend the day trying to keep me from being homesick. 

From us to you a Merry Merry Christmas. We hope for good health, fortune and much love this year and always. 


  1. Wow it looks so beautiful and festive were you are, i'm glad you guys are enjoying yourselves!! Say hi to Babara for us and hopefully we will be meeting up with you guys soon!! Miss you all and love you guys!!

    1. Hi Rita Hope you have a great time with Mike & Suzie. Wish we were together. This is the first time in 3 years we won't have a Christmas party together. Have a drink for us. Love to all Linda

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time. In case you aren't aware, at this time there is only customs at the "downtown" Varadero marina. Supposed to have customs at Melia Marina Varadero sometime in the next year. We stopped there for a tour first week of December when staying across the road at Paradisus Princesa del Mar. By the way Buena Vista Social Club is playing New Year's Eve at Paradisus Princesa del Mar - you may be able to book a one night stay. Don't miss staying at Marina Hemingway in Havana and spending a few days touring the city. The marina is a bit out of town, but taxi's are available and the bus is cheap. Make sure you have Canadian $ as exchange on US$ has a surcharge (about 10% last time I checked).