Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fast times on the high seas today. I swear something always seems to be happening.

We were sailing in the beautiful sunny Gulf of Mexico when I say to Marc it looks like someone is para sailing out there. Well, as we got closer it was the coast guard doing exercises retrieving people from the water. We think it was a training exercise as there was no chatter on the VHF to suggest otherwise. There were two helicopters and a boat. Watching kept us engaged for over an hour. 

So we carry on for some time further to the Tamp Bay entrance when Marc says I think that helicopter is chasing that boat. I scramble for the binoculars. Sure enough I feel like its the 80’s watching Miami Vice. A large power boat is heading out to the gulf while the helicopter swoops down and cuts him off. The boat veers each and every way  with the same results. The chopper is relentless. He won’t let the boat go into the gulf and he won’t let the boat go to shore. Sometimes the boat appears to be coming our way but it never gets close. The helicopter makes it go wherever he wants. Was the boat hoping the helicopter will run out of fuel before the boat does? We don’t know but as they leave our line of sight we both have our bets on the helicopter. Fade the Phil Colin's music. 

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