Sunday, January 29, 2017

He Who Shall Not Be Named: Green Turtle 20-26 Jan 2017

I had a minor tooth infection that antibiotics and anti inflammatories, a euphemism for pain killers, was keeping at bay, but wouldn’t cure,  A solid blow was coming in that required secure holding, our water pump screamed empty, it had been 17 days since I had last done laundry or bought groceries and please don’t get me going on a solid, hot water, running down your back shower. So, we decided to head to Green Turtle Cay. 

In the few days prior to heading to Green Turtle, Marc kept his needle nose pliers handy and continuously made, what he thought were funny jokes about pulling out my tooth. I personally don’t think he was joking but, rather sadisticaly hiding behind his laugh and those dam pliers. We found a dentist in Marsh Harbour and the earliest I could be seen was three long days away. Marc wanted to sail, but not feeling well, I honestly wanted the comfort of land so we pulled into Green Turtle Club & Marina.  The dentist was only about a 40 mile sail, eight hours.  By land, a ferry ride to Treasure Cay $21 round trip one person, $85 taxi, one way to Marsh Harbour. I had a stiff drink of gin and went to bed to wait out my appointment and count my pennies, who knew what a dentist was going to cost. That night the tooth fell out! I kid you not, the tooth fell out, the pain was gone, I was is a shinny marina, no pain, water, groceries, bars, what to do? What to do?  

Feeling better I stripped the beds, stripped the boat and stripped off Marc’s dirty blue T, I headed to the laundry. Four loads of laundry washed and dried $36.56, at this I was shocked, but Marc later reminded me that a Goombay Smash from the originator Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar was $7.50 US and a round of six Tipsy Turtles $78 US. I just heard the inhale of shocked cruisers across the Caribbean at that crazy word round, but… when six solid cruisers start playing our new favorite game of “he who must not be named” during a blow, fun just happens.  Now if my son is reading this and he’s probably not, he thinks I just made a Harry Potter reference, Im not. Weather is a constant conversation, Chris Parkers weather broadcast is most cruisers morning coffee companion, followed by daily greetings of “did you listen to Chris this morning?” Conversations through out the day often include “ Chris says the wind is 15 NNW tomorrow” and in the evening “off to bed, I have to get up to listen to Chris”. We decided to create a Chris free zone, no saying his name in any
content, do not dare to utter or mention CP’S name. Kirsten of the S/V Night Music  was really good at this game, she could be in the middle of what Im sure was an important conversation wink, wink and hear someone else mention that name clear across the table and … I know, I have just mentioned his name five times, it was unavoidable. 

Please don’t think this is how we spent a week, just a blip between snorkeling a fantastic ocean reef, exploring the town of New Plymouth, hiking to the cross and enjoying the pool.  Not every story is about blue water and hot sun, and no Daniel, of course your mom didn’t play any silly drinking games.

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