Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wordless Wednesday Just A Day or Two Late...With A Few Words

Its hard to believe, that its been over a month since we left home, so much has happened and yet so little. 

When I wrote the first draft of this note I was  this sitting cuddled up in the V berth, under a thick comforter, because its was to darn cold to get up. The temperature was dropping to the low 50sF during the nights and highs of 70s when the sun warmed things up in the afternoons. Now a week later we’ve been sleeping with minimal coverings, hatch open, fan on. It is unseasonably warm for this time of year in Florida and from the pictures we see posted, much of Canada is also enjoying unseasonably warm weather with a snow storm tossed in every so often just to remind you where you live. 

See I Told You We Were Cold

Staying in the B&B for two weeks was definitely the best decision we made, then getting DevOcean into the water as fast as possible was the second best. Green Cove Springs Marina is a working marina, and as I’ve said before its hard being on the hard. It’s dirty, the fresh water hoses can sometimes trickle, electrical breakers have been known to blow, but, it’s relatively cheap, there is good access to parts at reasonable prices with often with next day delivery, if you have a car, replenishing is fairly easy. Best of all the work yard is always full of a great cruising community willing to lend a hand, or share a sun downer and the staff is second to none.

Don't Judge, The Sun Shade Protects The Inside of the Boat But Causes...

No Matter Which Way I Turn

Can You See DevOcean?

Marc Hunting for Boat Parts No Matter Where We Explore

Hurricane Mathew Damaged The Aging WW2 Pier 

Hurricane Mathew damaged the aging WW2 pier that was already falling to pieces so when we launched there was no room on the pier to wait out our stay. We actually got evicted… Our intent was to book a slip at Reynolds Park Marina for the month, but it seems their policies have changed, and space is not available for month long dockage and it appears even more limited if you use long term store at Green Cove Springs Marina. I think a little business some’n, some’n is going on between the two marinas, so this is why we are waiting out our time in a pretty little anchorage about two miles across from GCSM. No biggie, Marc and I prefer the hook other than the connivence of a dock.

At Anchor

The night after we anchored, just before dinner we were settling in the cock pit ,when I looked across the river and saw a large plume of smoke and flames at GCSM. Marc and I watched in horror  and hoped for the best. It seems that the owner from Monkey Fist Chandlery and two of his employees were transferring fuel, the bilge pump came on and ignited the fuels fumes, causing an explosion. The three guys jumped over board to escape the flames. Sadly Steve and Randy had first and second degree burns and were transferred to the burn unit.  Four boats were destroyed from the fire.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to these guy and the others that lost thier boats 

Thanks For This Picture Anne 

Thanks For This Picture Anne 

Thanks For This Picture Anne 

I Was Looking Out My Port Light At The Right Time 

Lots Of Pictures I Wanted to Share

Off To Sun Downers

The Gangs All Here 

Out For A Hike 

Love That Laugh

Tee Pee's Crew

TuesdayNight Wing Night 

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