Saturday, December 24, 2016

Other than Marc and I being completely thrilled that we are off the dock, in the warmth, sailing south for the winter, I was thinking, what could I possibly have to blog about? Then we arrived in Jacksonville Landing, again…

Though Jacksonville Landing is only 24-25 miles north of Green Coves Springs, it is a really nice way to start our trip south, often when we talk to other cruisers and ask if they stop, they say they bypass Jacksonville Landing. For the life of me, I don’t know why. It is an awesome over night stop to start your journey.  When we were here on the 28 Dec 2014 we tied to the wall just south of the landing, enjoyed the view, people watched, ran the Jacksonville bridge, enjoyed a free concert, drank a cold margarita. This year though, Hurricane Mathew has damaged the docks making over nighting directly at the festival type landing a no go. Thankfully the public docking north of the Fuller Warren Bridge was empty. Jacksonville Landing has a lovely walkway that runs along the river, so we walked from the bridge to the landing to enjoy the tall, beautiful 50+ foot Christmas tree that dominates the square and responds to the tempo of the Christmas music being played. Other than the spiritual significance of Christmas, I don’t feel very Christmasy down here without family, snow, and constant carols in stores. But this one night, filled with music, people dancing, little girls playing, is as close as I can get to home. 

Morning Fuller Warren Bridge

The walk back to the boat was a different walk, than the walk to the landing. The shiny buildings were dark and the homeless were huddled on benches and tucked under bushes as out of sight as much as possible. Guiltily,I felt nervous, but I shouldn’t have, they were just looking for a warm place to sleep. We had an uneventful night, other than a gentleman standing on the dock, grading our boat, who shared with his female friend much to my captains ire, that size matters.  When we woke the next morning the fog was thick and ominous, but as it cleared that same walk way was filled with hundreds of runners and walkers and just south of us under the bridge was a fantastic market with potters, fresh veggies, baking and crafts. The market didn’t open until ten, but we poked around for an hour before it opened and came away with fresh tomatoes, grapefruit and cinnamon buns.


Thinking of Susie, meet the gentle potter
He uses natural elements such as leaves and incorporates  them into his work

Same stop, same time of year, one mile difference in docking made two completely different experiences.  

Fun Jacksonville fact:  In the early 1900’s Jacksonville boasted mild temperatures, low cost labour, and easy rail access to become the “ Winter Film Capital of the World” with more than 30 studios. In the 1920’s, local politicians forced the studios to go elsewhere, and Hollywood was born.    

#guidovanhelten Amazing Silo Street Art Jacksonville Shipyard 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information. I haven't been to Jacksonville by boat, but based on this, I'm intrigued. The open air markets are usually exciting adventures for sailors like me.