Friday, September 25, 2015

Don't Get Me Started On The Fridge Or The Outhouse

Is it only me that gets completely excited over getting a stove? When we bought our first sailboat Martiny it had, what I thought was a questionable propane stove that I was sure was going to burn off my eyebrows and blow up the salon. Much to my delight, I spent countless hours experimenting with that stove and I hope offered up some pretty tasty meals to family and friends so when Marc came home with this rust bucket for the new bunky I was more than just a little skeptical but as always optimistic.

Being on a budget and living in my idea of heaven who was I to complain, instead I spent a few hours with my friends google and pintrest searching for cleaning and refurbishing advice. To be really honest, I wanted to paint the stove teal green, but buying and shipping the paint was more money than we paid for the $100 stove. 

She’s pretty tiny but so is the bunky, extremely dirty, but I know how to clean and old and rusty, ah well I can relate to old and rusty. We honestly didn’t even know if she would work so that was our first goal. As soon as we hooked up some propane she sprang to life like a champ and much to our surprise had working pilot lights and It passed its leaky soapy test. 

Now it was my turn to go into action. I scrubbed  away grease and then the build up of what I like to imagine were happy family meals, sanded down her rusty age spots, taped her delicate areas and applied many new coats of paint. I think she turned out pretty good. 

My refurbished stove is now working away in her new spot, last week I canned a bushel of farm fresh tomatoes, I picked up on a quick trip south, Olive and I baked cupcakes with sprinkles of course, I used her to make our first night sit down meal and the under the oven broiler makes perfect toast if I don’t forget to watch it. Yup I’m pretty excited about my new stove. 


  1. Sounds like you and Marc are continuing to enjoy life to it's fullest!