Monday, January 19, 2015

The Dolphin House Bimini Bahamas

Its always nice to meet up with other cruisers and an added bonus when they want to share the little gems that they have found on their past explorations. Happily, we met up with Brad & Anne friends from the SV Anneteak.  Sometimes I have to remember not to be so darn North American,I had read the guides and saw the comments on The Dolphin House and really paid no special attention to it, assuming it was a typical North American touristy stop, but happily Brad & Anne shared this hidden treat with us and the crew of SV Willamia Les & Kim. 
The dolphin house is the private home and work of art for the Island of North Bimini’s official poet, historian and author Ashley. Ashley lives in the lower level of the house and often rents the second floor to students and tourists, but  graciously will share a tour of the house for a small donation. He started building in 1993 when his heart was touched by a wild dolphin. Ashley said that he has tried to create the whole house with what has been “given” to him. 

My pictures and words cannot do justice to the hard work and ingenuity of this man. He combs the shores for bits and pieces of treasures found in the flotsam and jetsam. Shells abound, cast off mosaic tiles from resorts. Licence plates, hair brushes, a cast off flip flop. His wall art tells stories and themes. He talks of hurricanes and the treasures gathered from the four or five he and the house have experienced and the resiliency of his home.  Never tiring he is working on his secluded garden, gathering seaweed for mulch and the beginnings of a new third floor are evolving.  

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