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Memphis (Elvie, Beal St, National Civil Rights Museum), Grand Marina, Red Neck Marina 12-16 Oct

The deal was that after a wonderful sleep in a cove at the Pickwick Landing State Park we would visit a marina so that we could explore the Shiloh Battle Field in Savannah Tennessee. Much to our disappointment because of the Federal Government the park was closed to visitors. So second choice Memphis...

Entering Memphis Tennessee

Going to Graceland, Graceland Memphis Tennessee

Me & Elvis 
Marc on Elvis’s Plane the Lisa Marie
For Jacob

Well we went to Graceland and I have to say I was happy I went but...just a little to commercial for me. Graceland was small by todays standard for stars but 1970’s beautiful. I had to laugh my mother had a white couch (exactly same material) and blue drapes at 2017 Mc Keown Ave North bay. The only thing he was missing was her gold crushed velvet swivel chairs. I can remember brushing the shag carpet so there were no feet marks. I digress LOL. 
Any way I didn’t add to many pictures  but I guess I will 

Awards Elvis had award after award and in relation to the ones at the Grand Ole Opry Elvis wins hands down (fact: Elvis was told not to come back to the Grand ole Opry). Tacky though, they had big posters of canceled cheques that he wrote to needy people or organizations to prove that he was a philanthropist

I took pictures of the meditation gardens but not his or his family plots as it was a little to creepy for me. What did amaze me though was that around Graceland there was  a typical stone privacy wall but every inch was covered with signatures and condolences. Elvis passed in Aug 1978 35 years ago. 

The National Civil Rights Museum

The National Civil Rights Museum was the highlight of my trip to Memphis.  The Civil Rights Museum located at the Lorraine Hotel where Martin Luther King Jr was shot. We also visited a small interesting women civil rights museum 

Sanitation workers on strike from Memphis were frustrated with unfair treatment and low wages so the local clergy asked Dr. Martin Luther King for his support. At that time King was planning a Champaign to bring attention to poverty and economic injustices. Dr King came to Memphis many times is support of this strike. The Lorraine Motel was were Dr King and his team worked on civil & human rights campaigns. Dr King was assassinated while staying at the Lorraine April 4th 1968  

Beal Street Memphis


Grand Harbor Marina

So this time we are staying at the Grand Harbor Marina. The reason for this choice was that they had a loopers special. The reason for me posting this is to share with anyone doing the loop. The setting was lovely. The price was $1 foot for loopers plus 10% discount on everything including fuel (great deal). Spa, pool (closed first weekend in Oct). As always excellent staff. The problem was that the transient dockage was at the fuel dock and this was a busy weekend marina with allot of traffic. Also, the bathroom facilities were public with one shower for a 300 slip marina! This would be a good overnight marina but not for a long stay. 

Side Note: So the first night we were in  Grand Harbor we smell this foul smell that just about killed us. I had to turn on the fan full blast in my face so I could sleep. We thought it maybe there holding tanks. In the morning it was gone. While checking out the local sights we spot a large pulp & paper mill, much like Espanola Ontario. Smelly mystery found. 
8296 Gator Gar attracted by lights in the water at the marina

Red Neck Marina 

We met this wonderful couple Bobbie & Les Perkins of the house boat Moon Dance and there friends/relatives Sam & Elly Bates (no relation to Norman) at Grand Harbor marina. As is with so many people here they were lovely and shared a few great spots to stop along the way. One was an out of the way anchorage on Pickwick lake. So off we went on our side excursion. It was by far the nicest anchorage we have been to. We hiked, Marc swam and we had drinks with the Perkins & Bates. In the summer this anchorage has held up to 50 boats and there is a house boat that comes and sells Hamburgs and Hot Dogs. Im glad we had it all to ourselves and got to enjoy how beautiful it was. As a side bar the Perkins just downgraded from a 75’ to a 40’ house boat. I definitely had space envy and enjoyed watching (and smelling) Bobbie & Elly cooking away in the kitchen.  

Moon Dance Les & Bobbie Perkins

Marc Skinny Dipping

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  1. Oh wow! Thanks for keeping us posted on your amazing voyage. I enjoyed the history review today of Elvis and Dr. ML King. Keep safe and continue to have fun.