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Green Turtle Bay & Nashville Sept 30 - Oct 6

We were supposed to be leaving today but when we woke the rain was pouring and we had  already paid for the day so we decided to be lazy and update the blog, and calling family and friends. Now you might think thats crazy, but we really do have full days and often wonder where they go. When we leave here we are planning on exploring some anchorages. At this point and as you can see from past nothing is carved in stone. We will just take each day as it comes. We are blessed. 

We arrived in Green Turtle Bay on the 30 Sept. The resort and marina are located between Kentucky and Barkley Lakes in Western Kentucky. After hot showers and getting organized we decided to forgo taking the boats to Nashville and renting a car. I was really excited about seeing Nashville as it was in the top five on my bucket list, my mom had spent time in Nashville and my east coast family are an extremely talented country music clan. Aunt Ruth I wish I had checked out the Nashville Nightlife Theatre but I couldn’t remember where you made Ron’s ears red last year. Next time...

I just had to stick this picture in as I am so proud!
My mom Florence Brown singing " A Solid Band of Gold" recorded with The Bunkhouse Boys around 1961. Mom was inducted into the New Brunswick country music hall of fame in 1984 with the Bunk House Boys.
                                               Honky Tonk Row Broadway & Second 
Biking under the influence on the Nashville Pedal Tavern 
When your evening activities require signing a waiver stating that if you don't wear a helmet, you're assuming responsibility for any potential injuries or fatalities, you know you're in for one wild ride. 
I loved the movie so we thought it would be fun to just have the experience and say we'd been there. I can't say I loved it, but I will say I enjoyed it as part of the Nashville  experience. 
Guess where we are? The wild Horse salon wasn't like the other honky tonks but we spent an hour enjoyed a beer and listen to Holland Marie. The wild Horse is huge in size and acts.  I had to be able to say we were in a bar that Reba, Blake Shelton, Darius Rucker, Etta James (wish I had been there then) ect. ect. 
Honky Tonks, Beer and Candy who woulda thought as I write this I am eating a pecan something 
                                               Jimmy Buffet Margarita Ville
The Stage  I really had a great time at the stage. It was my all time favorite spot the first day we went. The band was amazing! Some of Nashville's most talented musicians entertain or have entertained at the stage. They have also been home to many videos and commercials. Hank Williams Jr, Pam Tills, and Tim McGraw & Gwyneth Paltrow filmed don't let me down. I think that each bar on Honky Tonk row has a claim to fame and it really depends on the night, the music & the crowd. There were just so many bars that we didn’t have time!

Country Music Hall of Fame 

I don't have many pictures of the Hall of Fame as everything is guarded by heavy glass. That being said it took about two hours for us to complete and I enjoyed it very much.
So we are buying tickets to the Country music hall of fame when the ticket agent asks us where we are from. Marc tells them that we are from Canada. The agent responds “ we have just opened the Teri Clarke exhibit that you might be interested in” Marc responds “ yes my wife loves him” after a good laugh with the agent I introduced Marc to Miss Terry Clarke LOL

Nashville Sites 
This view is from the Tennessee park toward the Tennessee State Capital. There are 96 bells situated here 95 representing the counties of Tennesse and one that responds.  They play Tennessee-themed songs at the top of the hour, every hour. The first each hour is the Tennesse Waltz.
Musica OK

Owen Bradley
The Spencer was once one of the desirable hotels to stay at in the Nashville area. You never knew whom you might rub elbows with in the single, tiny elevator...Willie Nelson, Frank Sinatra, Elvis and even The Beatles frequently called it home when they would come to Nashville
So Marc & I were out for a walk when we spotted a Bruno Mars van at the back World Entertainment Studio. I wanted to play paparazzi so bad. 


Grand Ole Opry

                                        Interesting facts about the Grand Ole Opry

1. Opry membership is not only earned, but must be maintained throughout the artist's career. After artists die, they are no longer considered standing members of the Grand Ole Opry.
2. Members are expected to show a dedication to the Opry with frequent attendance
3. Elvis performed at the Opry but his rockabilly music and gyrating performance were not received well.  It was suggested that he not quit his day job driving trucks. Presley swore never to return.
4. Where the stars sing centre stage is a piece of the flooring from the stage of the Ryman Auditorium the original Grand Ole Opry.
5. i got to sing at the Grand Ole Opry! Ok it was happy birthday but I sang :) 

                                             Tacky & touristy but I'm ok with that. 
Gaylord Opry Land Resort

Ode to Suzzie
Marc & I went to see Carl Stewart at BB Kings on 2nd in Nashville. Though it was a Tuesday late afternoon and the place was ours I enjoyed every minute. I would have jumped up and cheered if I didn't think I would have looked an idiot. Also I saw this dress at Macy's that had your little librarian heart all over it. P.S. my little boat cannot race your big boat this December but a girls week end in the Caribbean could be arranged 

Badgett Theater in Grand Rivers Kentucky
We bought tickets for two performances at .the Badgett Theater in Grand Rivers Kentucky . 
The first performance was Tuna Does Vegas. It was “Coles notes” about some eccentric characters from a small town in Texas' as they take a trip to Vegas. 
When a radio host announces on air that he and his wife Bertha Bumiller are heading to Vegas to renew their wedding vows...but everyone in Tuna, Texas goes along for the ride! There are two performers playing about 20 characters. 

The Second evening we attended a Nashville song writers night. Performers could only share their personal work. If you ever have a chance to do this  I say run at the chance. The music was excellent, but more than that it was relaxed, the performers were relaxed, they shared stories, laughed with each other, tried new things, flubbed lines and laughed, It was like being able to sit with four talented people exploring each other. It was a great experience

Terry Mike Jeffery

Barry Jobe
Britney Jones
Savannah Conley 

Seriously OMG Patty’s
No pictures of Patty’s but if you ever visit Green Turtle Bay you have to go to Patty’s! The food is excellent and as with every where else we have been you cant beat the service. Patties Settlement we were told by staff that for a town of 350 they served 45000 people in Dec last year. The number seemed a little high to us but who are we to know. All we can say is the food was great. Patties is famous for there 2’ thick pork chops, mile high pies, & flower pot bread. 

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  1. So enjoyed your pics of Nashville,brought back great memories.I had been at every spot except for the song writers circle.Have to make sure we do that in May as we are going again.We have 4 couples coming from Amherst with us.One place I can't get enough of. We are leaving on the 21st for 14 day trip to Texas. A first for me,hopefully we are going to do the two step at the' Broken Spoke'. Gonna see if everything is BIGGER in Texas lol. So glad to hear your voyage is doing well.Ron and I are making plans for out take off, hopefully in sept 2014,at least for 6 months then who knows What!! Just gotta have a dream! Kisses to you both,all the best Love Aunt Ruth