Sunday, February 1, 2015

Allen Cay, Hawksbill & Big & Little Major, Staniel Cay

Our first anchorage in the Bahamas was Allen Cay. it was a lovely but crowded little anchorage with everyone trying to get in to hide from the West winds. Active Captain and the guides sailing recommended the anchorage would only hold a few boats but we had 18 S/V & Cats many 40+’ anchored while we were in and were very comfortable. 

Allen Cay’s are protected islands and are famous for the Iguanas that scurry close looking for food that the tour boats have trained them to react to. When walking on shore they are every where. We hiked each of the Cay’s, snorkelled, and Marc made a quick trip up the mast to fix the lazy jacks.  

View of the anchorage from hike up SW Allen’s Cay 

 View from up the mast 



Best photo bomb ever 

Our next Stop was Hawksbill Cay where our hope was to hide on the South East corner from and impending North West blow but the current was to strong, we endured two long days banging and bouncing around on a mooring at  Hawksbill until we could run and hide.  The winds have been so steady from the West cruisers are filling in anywhere with protection, mooring balls are full and waiting lists long. 


Though the West winds keep up Staniel Cay has been a great stop. We have been able to hike around the island, replenish groceries, enjoyed cold Bahama Mamas and burgers at the Staniel Key yacht club after we took out a second mortgage, snorkelled Thunderball Grotto where the 4th James Bond film was shot and fed the swimming pigs. 

I've run out of internet until next time  

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