Saturday, December 27, 2014

Off The Hard Woo Who Only Six Miles But Who's Counting

Yesterday was a pretty great day for us, as we moved away from the Green Cove Springs Marina wall. Oh, so we only went six.eight miles, but sunshine and excitement was the trend for the day. One of the first questions boaters in a boat yard ask is “where are you going,” and the second question is always “when are you leaving?” Our 42 days on the hard made for repetitive responses, so we started coming up with, or copying inventive answers such as, we are right where we belong today, or we will leave on the first or the second, the first chance I get, or the second the boat is we got to say, today :) 

As with spending time in any boat yard we were happy to renew relationships with friends made last year on the loop and Cuba and make new friends that we hope to catch up again with. We are learning that the world is big, but the sailing community is small, everybody knows everybody or someone who knows someone you know. 

So now as I sit in the first anchorage of the season with the chaos of prep and repair over,   enjoying the sunset I feel like this years boating season has finally started. 

My Captain, Oh Captain

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